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Extract Colors From Images With Our Free Image Color Picker

Welcome to our free online image color picker tool! With our simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily upload an image and extract colors from it in just a few clicks.

Our color picker is perfect for designers, artists, and anyone looking to find color inspiration from photographs and digital artwork.

How To Get Started

Using our tool is incredibly straightforward:

  1. Upload your image (JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, AVIF and any other format your browser supports).
  2. Use your mouse or touch to the exact area you want to pick the color from and click or tap.
  3. The selected color will appear on the right along with its Hex/RGB(A)/HSL(A) code.
  4. Our tool will also automatically extract the dominant colors from the image and create a color palette below the image.

Extracting Dominant Colors From An Image

Our color picker analyzes the RGB (red, green, blue) color values of your image and identifies the most frequently occurring colors.

Key Benefits of Our Color Picker

Here are some of the key advantages our color extraction tool provides:

  • Accurately extracts prominent colors - Our algorithm reliably identifies dominant colors without being thrown off by outliers. The results represent the true defining tones of your image.
  • Handles all image types - Upload JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, AVIF or other standard image formats. Our tool works great on photos, digital art, logos, and more.
  • Copy color codes instantly - Click any swatch to copy its hex code to your clipboard and paste into your content.
  • Completely free tool - No signup required, you can start extracting colors right away. Our online color picker is 100% free.
  • Mobile friendly design - Our responsive interface works seamlessly on all devices. Use the tool easily on desktop or mobile.
  • Helpful for many use cases - Interior designers, graphic artists, bloggers, and more all find our tool helpful for capturing inspiration.

Color Picker Use Cases

Here are just some examples of how our free online color picker can help you:

  • Interior design - Upload a room photo to extract its colors and create a cohesive palette for interior painting or decor.
  • Graphic design - Quickly copy logo, website, or brand colors to ensure consistent use of tones throughout other design work.
  • Blog writing - Identify specific shades used in images to describe them accurately when writing blogs and articles.
  • Ecommerce sites - Use product photos to sample colors for creating matching category pages, banners, and other assets.
  • Digital art - Extract the vibrant colors of beautiful artwork to inspire your own illustrations and paintings.
  • Real estate - Sample colors from property photos to promote available listings using accurate, eye-catching tones.
  • Education - Extract colors from diagrams, infographics, and more as an engaging way to teach color theory and digital art.

So whether you're a professional designer, casual creative, writer, or anyone else, our free color extraction tool can help unleash your potential.

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